Wyoming State 4-H Foundation Financially supports the Wyoming 4-H Program


State of Wyoming 4-H Foundation

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The Wyoming 4-H Foundation is a non-profit corporation in Wyoming. Currently the foundation is a 501-C-3 organization, in good standing, with the IRS. The foundation is the one and only official state organization sanctioned to financially support 4-H programs and education in Wyoming. It has a volunteer board of directors with about 10 to 15 members. The board members are from many walks of life and are all interested in supporting youth education. The Wyoming 4-H Foundation has direct ties to the University of Wyoming through the College of Agriculture, Extension and the State 4-H Office.

The Wyoming 4-H Foundations office is responsible for providing incentives and recognition for 4-H members and leaders. It also assists in providing educational opportunities for 4-H members and leaders; creates favorable public relations for 4-H throughout the state; and provides support to the 4-H programs in all 23 Wyoming counties and the Wind River Reservation.

The Wyoming 4-H Foundation office operates through the contact with the private sector for funds and other resources to support the many needs of the Wyoming 4-H program. Wyoming State 4-H Foundation donors contribute through gifts of cash, stocks/bonds , real property and in kind donations. The Wyoming 4-H Foundation office uses two types of donor funds – program accounts, funds used to pay for the educational events, camps or contests (awards, trips, and program development), and endowments, interest earning accounts.