PEDv now SECD – Update

Due to new strains being found, PEDv is now referred to as Swine Enteric Coronavirus Disease (SECD). The Wyoming Livestock Board (WLSB) veterinary staff, in cooperation with the national swine industry is recommending some measures that can help us to prevent and mitigate the risks of SECD being spread to swine in Wyoming. Please read these announcements from WLSB and University of Wyoming Extension.

Swine Exhibition Declaration 4-H 2015

Memo- Swine PEDv Update 2015

2015-02-09 – Memo to Swine Exhibition OrganizersManagers

2 New Master Volunteer Leaders in Converse County 4-H!

Congratulations and THANK YOU to Chauna Nugent and Candace Stoll who completed the Master Volunteer Training during the WY State 4-H Leaders Conference 13-15 February in Torrington.

Converse County was well represented as Betty James attended workshops and was recognized as the WY State winner for the Salute to Excellence Outstanding Lifetime Volunteer award at the banquet dinner while volunteer Andrea Trembath and member Magnus Trembath also attended workshops during the weekend. Dairon Mooren, member of the State Leadership Team assisted with the youth track.  Be on the lookout for them to share all the great things they learned this weekend!




Upcoming events in Converse County 4-H

-Tues 17 Feb 6pm PISTOL

-Tues 17 Feb 630pm JR LEADERS meet with FFA officers at DHS AG room
-Weds 18 Feb 6pm FUTURE STARS CC meeting
-Thurs 19 Feb 5pm CAKE DECORATING

-Thurs 19 Feb 6pm RIFLE
-Thurs 19 Feb 630pm WILD BUNCH
-Sat 21 Feb 10am STEAM CAMP – Ft Reno Bldng
-Sat 21 Feb 2pm MEATS JUDGING (location TBD)
-Sun 22 Feb 1pm LABONTE CC meeting
-Sun 22 Feb 4pm ARCHERY – mediastream building
-Sun 22 Feb 4pm WOOLY BULLY’s CC meeting
-Sun 22 Feb 6pm HORSE ORIENTATION (NO Horses!) 4H office
-Sun 22 Feb 7pm DOG
Have a great week!

Western Region Leaders Forum e-session #2 Thurs 12 Feb 730pm

TEMPLE GRANDIN will be the guest speaker during the second session of the Western Region Leaders Forum webinar series.

Over 200 sites throughout the 13 Western States will participate in “Widening the Circle: Special Connections”.

Refreshments will be served.  JOIN US!

For more details click the below link:

CC4H Council Agenda – 2/12/15

Please join us Thursday evening, February 12th, at 6PM for this month’s council meeting (agenda posted under CC 4-H Council menu), which will be followed by e-session #2 of Western Region Leaders Forum. This session will be Widening the Circle:Special Connections with Temple Grandin as a guest speaker! Refreshments will be served.

Photography Project Meeting

There will be an organizational photography meeting Saturday, February 7 at 3 p.m. at the Douglas United Congregational Church, 405 N 6th Street. Bring your cameras, your enthusiasm and any photos you have to share so far. We will set goals for the year and talk about possible adventures to take photos! Contact project leader Cary Berry Smith for more information at 532-1739.




Meat Judging

What cut of beef is best for grilling or best for stew?

How does the way an animal is raised impact the selling price of the meat?

Do you have livestock?   Do you want to be a chef or a cook?

This is the place for you. We will look at the different cuts of meat and carcasses.

You will learn which cuts are best cooked using a moist process and which are best on the grill.

You will be able to identify whether a cut is from a pig, cow or lamb.

You will be able to see what you put into your animal looks like when it has been slaughtered.

We will meet: on Saturday, February 7 at 2 p.m. Douglas Congregational United Church of Christ at 405 N 6th Street. Contact project leader Cary Berry Smith for more information at 532-1739.

Contact project leader Cary Berry Smith for more information at 532-1739.


Wool Judging Project

Once the fleece is removed from a sheep, what do they do with it?

How do they decide what to do with it?

Come to the organizational wool judging meeting Saturday, February 7 at 1PM and find out!

Douglas Congregational United Church of Christ meeting room, 405 N 6th Street

Contact project leader Cary Berry Smith for more information at 532-1739.