2016 WyRED

WyRED, the state Range Judging contest, was held in June this year. Ella Meyer and Zoey Booth of Douglas, as well as Anna and Cora Grant of Glenrock, headed down to Meeteetsee, Wyoming on June 9th to prepare for the WyRED contest that was going to be held the next day. Ella, Zoey, and Anna were all in the Range Rider division, and Cora was in the Brush Popper division. All of the girls competed very well and had lots of fun doing it. Ella got first in their age group, followed by Anna in 2nd and Zoey in 3rd. Cora placed first in her age division, and all of the girls gave some of the older kids a run for their money. Congratulations to these girls and their hard work at this year’s WyRED competition!

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